Dance classes resume Wednesday 6th February 2019

Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your extended winter break and had a good Christmas.  It won’t be long now before the days start to get lighter earlier and we start to see evidence of spring.  But please bear in mind it can still be pretty cold in the evenings so wrap up well when you come out and if the weather is icy or snowing I will have to cancel at very short notice.  The best place to check for last minute notifications is on our Facebook page because I know you most of you all read postings there and anyone who doesn’t, I will text you.

For anyone interested in joining our classes for the first time, please give us a call in the first instance and then I can advise where we are and confirm that we are holding classes on the evening.

Now, before I go I just want to say a special “Thank You” on behalf of us all to Daneswood who support us through the management of our website.  They have waivered the costs associated with Plugins for our website saving us over £30 a month.

See you all on the 6th February.



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